Welcome to Castle Donington Community Church. We do hope you will feel at home amongst us and, most importantly, meet with God.  We are a brand-new church with people of all ages and backgrounds. We usually meet in a former church building, now the Sailors and Soldiers Club, in one of the oldest parts of the town.

Currently however, because of Covid restrictions we are meeting next door at our own premises known as ‘The Light Station’ at No 5 Clapgun St. You can also find regular broadcasts from our church on the internet.  

Our church journey began after years of prayerful planning by a group of local Baptist ministers. They felt God’s call to plant a new church in the heart of this community and we continue to be part of the East Midlands Baptist Association and the Baptist Union of Great Britain.  Baptists have been part of Castle Donington for many centuries and whilst we may be a new expression of God’s work here in the 21st century we are proud of our heritage and the good work of those who have gone before us.

This call to begin something fresh in the town was confirmed by what can only be described as several God-orchestrated (and quite miraculous) events, which brought the church into being and my family and me to serve this community.

Hundreds of people attended the launch service of the new church at Castle Donington College on 9th September 2018. Our journey now continues with a group that has formed from this, as we seek to establish what the Lord has called into being.