1. Marshall

    Good idea Richard, weather permitting of course. Although we assume it’s working on the photo, I’m not sure as to how the projector would perform in daylight, something I’ve never had to do. I notice there is a lady whose being ultra safe by wearing a mask, optional in the circumstances naturally.

  2. Jean Stone

    Hi Richard what a fabulous idea wouldn’t it be lovely to get together even if it was 2 m apart just do as we are told by the government and keep alert thank you for all your doing and helping Roy and others to keep Castle Donnington community church up and running God bless you all and lots of love from Jean

  3. Great idea following in the steps of John Wesley who preached the gospel to the people of Castle Donington many years ago resulting in the birth of the Methodist church in the town. Dont think having an overhead projector would have been a big problem for him he was more interested in winning lost souls for Jesus. Perhaps we could revert to hymn sheets.

  4. Mary Ligertwood

    Yes Richard I agree that this is a great idea too. We are entering a new day of the church and nothing is the same so we must be innovative and move with God into new ideas. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to move forward into God’s new day and reach Castle Donington for Christ.
    Praying for you all. Mary Ligertwood

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