1. Mary Ligertwood

    Yes I wholeheartedly agree. Jesus commission to his disciples was to go and make more disciples and tell out the gospel message. Not call them to come to us in Our churches. We have this glorious opportunity to listen to the Holy Spirit and hear what He is planning from this point onward. It’s crucial that we don’t go back to church as usual…no matter how good it is. It’s not about us and what we want but what does God intend to do through this new beginning.

  2. Jean stone

    I think that the Lord has new things planned for us and we need to follow the Lord as much as we can if it’s not possible for us to meet up in the building and we’ve just got to pray about what else we can do a lot of us feel unsure about what the future holds but I’m sure the Lord knows maybe we need to just get out in the streets we are just an army of ordinary people even what I’m doing now on my phone it’s very new to me and we need to have in our minds what the new church will be doing we need to pray and talk about what the next move will be not make any rash decisions we need the Lord’s guidance in whatever we do

  3. Jean stone

    We can all find ourselves in dark places needing some light light that brings direction healing vision warmth and hope Jesus said I am the light of the world on those who embrace me will experience life giving light and they will never walk in darkness

  4. Marshall Payne

    I’m seeking the Lord at the moment on this, and I figure that He might just be taking us to a more biblical meaning of church with the emphasis of sharing the gospel, something many churches have forgotten to do, and enabling the Holy Spirit to show the love of Christ though us. We could become His Spirit driven Church, fewer in numbers perhaps, but dynamic and impacting this sinful world. That was what I was hoping to see when I first trusted in Jesus, what I did find however was institution, occupied by those ‘at work’, occasionally for the sake of the Gospel, rather than being persons transformed by the risen power of Christ, new children of God, each a new creation of His love. An exciting resurrection indeed.
    I hope and pray we are entering in to a new paradigm, a Church that I want to be part of. Please pray.

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