Castle Donington Foodbank is run by volunteers from our local community, as part of the Long Eaton and Sawley Foodbank. Their web page is here.

Food distribution is carried out in Castle Donington from 10:30 am to 12:30pm on a Thursday morning. It takes place at St Edward’s Church Hall, St Anne’s Lane, Castle Donington DE74 2LF.

Please note that food is only distributed on receipt of a voucher issued by a local referral agency. For a more detailed explanation, see here.

Normally clients collect their food from the distribution centre. However, during the present COVID-19 situation the Foodbank is able to deliver to clients who are self-isolating.

If you need further help or information then please contact us here.

Donating to Foodbank…

The Foodbank is always grateful for contributions to their work in our local community. These can be made in one of two ways, either by donating food (particularly of items that are low in stock) or financially.

This week they particularly need:

Food donations can be made either by placing the items in the Foodbank bins in local stores or by bringing them to St Edward’s Church Hall when the Foodbank is open.

If you wish to make a financial donation then please contact us for further information.

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