29th November 2020

Please note that all prayer requests will now appear on this page including those for Sunday. 

Olive Branch Prayer

Zoom prayer meetings have now begun and will take place every Wednesday from now on. If you want to be part of them do let us know and we will send you an access code. The meetings begin at 9am. Prayers will still appear here and you can continue to send us your prayer requests.

Your Friend & Pastor


Prayer Stations – Action Stations:

Please pray for

  • For our nation as we move into a new Tier system and come out of the present lockdown on December 2nd. Pray for wisdom for all as we enter Advent and Christmas and for people to act sensibly and with restraint.
  • For all who are struggling with sickness, fear, uncertainty and difficult issues. Pray especially for renewed opportunities to share the gospel and the hope it brings.
  • For those alone at Christmas and those missing family and friends
  • Geoff still at home with his family but very poorly.
  • Celia in her ongoing care
  • Stephen, now back at home and recovering after a successful operation removing a tumour from his brain. We give God all the praise
  • Eric continuing with his cancer treatment
  • Jeff who has been struggling recently with his health . He has now been moved into a care home in Leicester and is quite poorly
  • For John, Mary’s brother who is very unwell
  • For Sonia and her family who are in need.
  • For Carole who is recovering and now living in Burton
  • For Claire who has now started a new job.
  • For Washiela who is still recovering following her sister’s death.
  • For the good news that Cameron has retained his job with Swissport
  • For Mark, Patrick’s friend now out of hospital and feeling much better
  • For the family of Brian a minister in Derby who passed away this week


We believe in the power of prayer! If you have something or someone that you’d like us to pray about for you, or something in which you’d like us to join you in thanking God, then please get in touch using the contact form below. 

Remember – God does answer prayer.