Our Vision

Our vision is to share God’s love, in Christ, with our community and the wider world, as we walk together in faith in becoming and making disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are a community of faith

We are a Christian community called together to worship God, to follow and study his teaching through his inspired Word the Bible, and to share the good news that God sent his Son into our world to show us his amazing love. Jesus demonstrated this by dying on the cross to save us from all those things which separate us from God and defeating them through his risen life. All who come to Jesus in simple faith can know forgiveness from their sins and wrongs and know new life and a new beginning. As a church, we are part of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and are members of the East Midlands Baptist Association. We are friends with other local churches and are part of the Soar Valley Gospel Partnership.

We are a community at prayer

Simply put, prayer is about having and developing a relationship with God. Talking to God and sharing our needs with him brings us closer and enables him to help us with our everyday problems as well as the world at large. It brings God right into the picture of our lives and into the lives of others and allows his power to be at work in unseen and sometimes mysterious ways. God loves to answer prayer and prayer can change things and change us in the process. That’s why we encourage people to pray individually and in groups regularly.

We are a community who care

As a church, we care deeply about people and their lives. Those who come to us will find a listening ear and a helping hand readily available. Church is not just for Sundays but it’s about being available and seeking to get alongside those who may be suffering physically, emotionally, spiritually and practically. You can rest assured we will always seek to do our best to help whatever the circumstances may be, and you can speak to the leaders in strictest confidence.

We are a community of joy in the Holy Spirit

We are joyful, happy group of people and this is very much reflected in our services and in our life together as a church. The good news of the gospel is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed and you will always find this a feature of our gatherings. We give place in our services to the work of God’s Holy Spirit as he moves amongst us to bring healing, restoration or ministry to individuals and you may experience various gifts from God being at work in our meetings as we bring our worship and praise to him.

We are a community who have fun and learn together

Church is often referred to as the family of God. Families are made up of people with different gifts, different personalities and sometimes different ways of being. The fun part is finding unity in diversity and allowing all to flourish as we find who we are, and what God has called us to be and do as part of the body of Christ. No one is superfluous; all are needed, loved and wanted by God and can find a place in his church. That doesn’t mean we get everything right a hundred percent of the time – learning can be messy and sometimes a bit painful. However, we are committed to learning, standing by each other, and having fun while we are doing it.

We are a community with a world vision

Whilst we love Castle Donington we remember that God’s love and his vision stretches out to the whole world. We seek to be involved and support those things that take God’s love, and his message, beyond our borders. As the Lord leads us, we seek to support people and initiatives that bring life, hope and God’s help and love to others.

We are a growing community of friends

Our church is made up of people from all walks of life whose lives have been touched and transformed by God’s love.  We’re not a holy huddle or select brand, just ordinary people who have discovered something wonderful in Jesus Christ and we know you can too.  There is always room for new friends in our church, so why not come to one of our services, we would be delighted to meet you.

Our main service is normally held on Sundays at 4 pm at the Sailors and Soldiers Club, 7 Clapgun Street, Castle Donington, DE74 2LE. Our ‘drop-in’ centre ‘The Light Station is located next door at 5 Clapgun Street. Post COVID-19 it will open at various times for different events throughout the week. When it re-opens then do come along or pop in for a chat and a free cuppa. Opening times and events will be displayed on the door and on this website.

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