We are presently following current advice (including that of our own denomination) so our Sunday gatherings are cancelled at Sailors and Soldiers Club, 7 Clapgun Street, until further notice. The Club Manager has been informed of our decision and in the light of the circumstances fully supports it.

Let us focus our prayers in these areas.

That the Lord will show that he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and ruler over all inferior powers and would-be pretenders to hold sway over Him and His creation.

That God’s power will be seen in our communities through healing prayers for those who are sick and bereaved, the inspiration for those working for a vaccine, and all who are called to minister on the front line to those in need.

For our Queen, Royal Family and our Government and all called to uphold the rule of law and who make important decisions.

For business and commerce and all whose lives are being seriously affected by events beyond their control. 
For love, mercy, empathy, kindness and all those qualities that enable human flourishing to increase and for selfishness and self-interest to decrease.

Wisdom for our churches, church leaders, community leaders, schools and employers.

For all who live in Castle Donington and the surrounding area.

For peace in the heart of the storm.

For those who are fearful afraid and alone.

For relatives, neighbours, friends and any known to us who may need special help (Why not make a list so you can pray for these effectively?).
For older people and those who are dealing with other serious health issues and problems which are compounding the current issues.
You may wish to add further things to this list please feel free to do so.

Here are some practical pointers to aid you in praying which you may find helpful. You don’t have to use any of them but many people find these suggestions useful.

1)    Create a prayer space in your home. This can be you and your families ‘go to space’ when you pray. Make it comfortable and inspirational. Place a Bible in front of you. A light perhaps a candle that you can light or switch on as you come to pray or you could use an inspirational picture if that helps.

2)    Try and dial down as you come into God’s presence. Some people find some soft Christian music helps, others use soft breathing to relax into God’s presence or repeating a Bible verse very slowly can be good. Whatever you do let God’s presence fill your heart and mind and allow other distracting things to melt away so that you become totally present to the Lord.

3)    Use a prayer journal.  Write down what you want to pray for, write the time and date down and work through it. Leave space to record answers or things that you feel the Lord might be saying.

4)    Allow the Holy Spirit to let you linger if there is something that particularly holds or inspires you to pray. The emphasis is not necessarily to get through everything but to be led by the Holy Spirit and pray the Father’s will.

In every crisis, there are opportunities and may it please God that this crisis sharpens our prayer lives and sees the power of God released in wonderful ways.

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