Whatever brought you to this page, the most important thing to know is that God knows you are here, that He loves you and wants to meet with you right now.

Take a moment to relax and find a quiet, comfortable spot.

The Bible tells us that “God is love”. He demonstrated this love toward us when he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, into our world to help us and set us free from our wrongs and failures and to make us right with God.

The truth is that we all need forgiveness and that forgiveness was paid for in full by Jesus’ death on the cross.

This is why Jesus is known throughout the world as the Saviour, because the Bible tells us, “He will save us from our sins”. 

A wonderful fresh hope, eternal peace and a new beginning are available to all who will come to God’s Son, Jesus, in simple faith.

Please say this prayer to God right now from your heart:

Lord God, Thank you for being present to me at this moment. Thank you for sending your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, into the world to save me by his death upon the cross. I confess my need for Jesus right now. I confess that I need to know Jesus’ love and forgiveness. I know I have failed and done wrong in so many ways and that I have fallen short of God’s best for me. Jesus, I confess my sins to you at this moment and now turn away from them. I ask you to cleanse me and wash me clean as I welcome you into my life through this act of prayer and faith. Thank you for hearing me. I now receive Your love and forgiveness and acknowledge you as my true Saviour, Lord and friend. Amen! 

Congratulations. If you prayed this prayer from your heart then God has just welcomed you into his family.

We would love to hear from you and help you even further. Why not contact us or come along to one of our services – it would be great to see you. 

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