Welcome friends – 29th November 2020

From the pastor’s pen…


Bible Readings:  Luke 21, Matthew 24, Mark 13 & 1 Thess 5, 2 Peter 3



Advent,  the Latin word for arrival, points us both backwards and forwards. As Christians we cherish the memory of our Lord’s arrival on earth in Bethlehem. The promised child sent from heaven, told of by the ancients, the fulfilment of prophecy and received in weakness in a poor stable still thrill the millions who will come to worship him this Christmastime.

However, Advent is more than a season to look back in wonder and remember, It launches us firmly into the future and the promise of Christ’s return not as a baby but as King of Kings and Lord or Lords.

“This same Jesus”  , said the angel to the incredulous disciples as they saw him ascend into heaven, “will return in the same manner as you have seen him go”.

Isacc Watts well loved carol, ‘Joy to the world’, though a Christmas favourite, was written to express that fact and speaks about him being the ruler of the world and the earth receiving her true king.

The signs, the birth pangs, we are all increasingly seeing around us, remind us again and again that those days are not far away. Like a  woman groaning in labour, the earth is groaning, waiting for that fateful day when he will appear in the clouds as ruler, king and judge.

‘The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdom of our God’ as darkness gives way to light and his heavenly  rule begins. In the gloom of current circumstances it is easy to lose sight of that and to believe the earthly and satanic propaganda that God and his church are finished.

The Bible prophecies that in the last days people will fall away from God and scoffers will come saying ” Where is the promise of his coming. Everything continues as it always has” However that day, the Bible reminds us, will overtake them and whilst they are saying ‘peace and safety he will come like a thief in the night’

Advent reminds us to be ‘sober and vigilant’. not to be asleep but to be watching and waiting and not to be caught unawares. In his first coming those who should have known didn’t, and in his second, sadly for many they will equally and to their  great cost be asleep.

As we all move towards Christmas in a year we have experienced like no other, let this be a reminder that as things can change so suddenly and unexpectedly on earth they can equally change so suddenly and unexpectedly in the heavens.


Your Friend & Pastor



































Church Membership Course

Some time ago we mentioned that we were looking to start a church membership course so that we could establish a regular committed membership of our church. Currently we are gathering names for those who would like to become founder members of Castle Donington Community Church. If that is something you would like to explore please give your name to Pastor Roy as soon as possible. Thank you to those who have already responded

Advent , Christmas services and regathering

These have now been published on Facebook and at The Light Station and equally on our website here. Please note if you want to attend a service at The Light station from Sunday December 6th please inform us that you are coming. A mid-week Tuesday Bible study will also recommence on the premises at 10am from December 8th. We will continue to comply with all the Government’s rules of hands, face, space. We are, however, grateful that we will have some contact at this special time of year.

November 29th @ 4pm – God with us – The future revealed

December 6th @ 4pm – God with us – The past unveiled ( Holy Communion)

December 13th @ 4pm God with us – The heavens speak

December 20th @ 4pm- God with us – The Light Shines

CHRISTMAS DAY 10am -11am God with us – The baby revealed

January 3rd 4pm – A new beginning ( Holy Communion)

Need help with food,  prescription collections or transport?

Our local foodbank is still operating every Thursday and we are voucher holders if you need a food parcel. Just speak with Pastor Roy confidentially and he will issue a voucher. Equally our Volunteer Centre is assisting with other practical matters for any who may need help. Don’t struggle,  let us know if you are in need. If you want to be a volunteer then please contact the Volunteer Centre directly who will advise you.

Bible Bubble Groups – Theme – ‘Winter Warmers’

Now meeting at The Light Station  from Tuesday December 8th at 10.am

Olive Branch Prayer Stations – New Zoom option has now started

Join us at your prayer station, 9am -10am once again this Wednesday as we bring our prayers and requests to God. A Zoom group meeting   meets at 9am as well. You can register by contacting Zoom@A4L.uk  You will then be given an access code so you can join the group.

 Castle Donington Life Magazine

Pastor Roy has been asked by our local magazine to write a Christmas message on behalf of all the local clergy in Donington, Hemington and Lockington. Look out for it when it is delivered to your door.


Thank you

To Jason Fitzpatrick for the kind donation of a Christmas tree to The Light Station.  We have been blessed by his generosity, Thank you Jason from all of us.



Thank you to those who are giving regularly to our church. With us not being able to meet together, some people are continuing to ask how they can continue to support us. Please note the church bank account details below. You can give directly into the church bank account with your tithe or offering.

Lloyds Bank (Loughborough Branch)

          Account Name: Castle Donington Community Church

          Account Number: 62693060

          Sort Code: 30 65 65

If you are a taxpayer then you can gift-aid your contributions. For more information please contact our Church Treasurer, Mrs Katharine Hebblethwaite. Her email address is khebb@hotmail.co.uk.

Prayer Stations – Action Stations

    This section has now been relocated to the Prayers & Prayer request section of our website. Please visit it to obtain the latest prayers. 



























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